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Because Your Time is Important

Use PsychAdmin Partners for medicall billing and claims submissionYour time is important. You have patients to care for, paperwork/reports to write, calls to return...and only so much time to attend to medical billing and claims processing. Do you really want to do your own medical billing claims processing for your psychiatric, psychological, and mental health services, too?

"I can do it myself, why should I hire you?" Sure, you can buy software and do it yourself…but over and over we've heard from practitioners that software cannot give you TIME! Time to enter charges, verify benefits, get authorizations, stay current on authorizations, send out statements, and most importantly, to follow up on/correct claims that are unpaid, paid incorrectly, or need appeals.We give you TIME – time for your family, time to play, time to see more patients. We've Gone Green at PsychAdmin PartnersTime for many other things in life that you would rather do!. Our services, geared towards psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health practitioners, pay for themselves!

We bill employee-assistance, DOT/SAP, critical incident, testing, workers compensation, and other non-standard behavioral health services. Not all psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy and other mental health billing services handle these kinds of procedures. Sometimes providers are left on their own since the billing paperwork is different – maybe they are not billed on a standard HCFA/CMS-1500 form, or cannot be billed electronically. We take care of your WHOLE practice.


Partnering with us will save you 

  • More time for the clinical work you truly enjoy
  • No insurance and claims paperwork headaches or wasting time on hold
  • Increased collections means more profit for you – so our services pay for themselves.
  • We keep up with all the nit-picky rules and procedures – so you don’t have to!
  • We take care of the technology compliance required by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurances-you get all the benefits of fast claims turnaround without having to know anything at all about electronic claims.
  • Our technology infrastructure is “state of the art” and means that you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money buying, renting, or updating claims programs in order to stay current
  • Services are tax deductible
  • Personalized attention to the needs of your psychiatry, psychology or other behavioral health care practice
  • Founded in 1997: Label years of psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy billing service and practice management consulting experience in multiple states - we offer national expertise at an affordable cost.
  • We provide vital information for your private psychiatry, psychology, or psychotherapy practice on insurance/third party reimbursement/Medicare policy trends that affect your practice's bottom line.