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Additional Services

We can help you with your practice even if you don’t need a complete medical billing service. Pay only for what you use! Or, if you prefer, choose our Complete Medical Claims Billing package.

  • CREDENTIALING/PANEL APPLICATIONS/PROVIDER ENROLLMENT MAINTENANCE     Why slog through the same re-credentialing or revalidation applications every 2-3 years when nothing has changed? Are the CMS-mandated quarterly provider directory attestations making you crazy? We can keep your information on file and help with submissions, either on paper, via CAQH, PECOS, or at a payer’s website. Want to join a new managed care panel? We can consult with you about ways to break onto a closed panel and complete the network request forms as well as follow up with the payer on your behalf.
  • BILLING SUPPORT FOR PROFESSIONALS WHO CHOOSE TO DO THEIR OWN BILLING / DENIAL MANAGEMENT  Maybe your practice is just getting started, or is too small/part-time to need a billing service, or you need to keep costs to a minimum. There is free and low-cost software out there to help you do your own billing and file your claims electronically, BUT, who is out there to help you when you have problems? Software companies don’t necessarily understand billing. And if the software is free, then there isn’t going to be a lot of support for when your claims are rejected or denied. That’s where we come in…Call us as needed, and we can log onto your software platform and advise you. Maybe you just have one patient’s claims that keep getting rejected, denied, or not responded to. We can consult with you about what might be happening and how to fix the problem – BEFORE you are left with months of psychotherapy that will not be reimbursed!
  • PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING  Just starting your practice? Want to take your practice in a different direction? They didn’t teach the business aspects of practice in graduate school. After over 20 years in this business, we know what it takes to have a healthy, thriving practice – and the typical, costly mistakes people make. You can certainly use the trial and error method…but that can lead to thousands of dollars of revenue lost and lengthen the time it takes to achieve the practice you really want. It’s worth investing in your practice goals and consulting with us!

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