Are you getting paid for your services?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you still do my billing if I’m not in Washington? 

Absolutely. We have billed for practices in multiple states.  However, there are a few states where we cannot provide services, due to local laws.

I’m hopeless with computers! Will I have to learn complicated programs?

No. If you can email, scan, fax, or use a web browser, you can work with us.

Can you provide advice on building my practice? 

Yes. We’ve helped many practices over the years grow into substantial businesses.

Will you coach me on getting better at collecting from patients?

Yes. That’s one of our favorite things to do.

Will you work with my patients on explaining their bills / helping them with their insurance?


Can you bill for my specialty and/or services?

Psychiatry/nurse practitioner: Yes
Work comp & auto: Yes
Telehealth: Yes
EAP: Yes (some limitations apply)
ABA: Unfortunately, this has not been an area of specialty for us
Nursing or other facility care: Yes, if you are an independently-billing practitioner seeing patients at the facility’s place of service. However, we do not bill for entire facilities or higher levels of care such as intensive oupatient or partial hospitalization programs.
Psychological Testing: Yes
Neuropsychology: Yes
Play therapy: Yes
Substance abuse: Yes, if it is outpatient, non-facility based.