24/7 Access

As part of our service to you, Psych Admin Partners offers a free cloud-based account for document management. Every document relevant to your practice management* is uploaded into our EBridge filing cabinet, and is retrievable by you 24/7. All it takes is an internet connection! No specialized software or skills required. *(note: this does not apply to clinical documentation, only your billing files)

The Advantages Are Numerous:

Complete backup documentation in case of audit or irretrievability of your paper-based files (note that HIPAA requires a disaster plan of all covered entities)
HIPAA compliant & secure
A secure way to exchange info between Psych Admin Partners and your practice – without using email.
No need for extra filing cabinets, offsite storage facilities
Use less paper & toner, less wear on your printers/fax machines – saves you money
Scan documents & upload directly into the portal
Accessible anytime, anywhere
Want to see an Explanation of Benefits for a particular patient without having to shuffle through a thick file of papers? Just go to EBridge and with a few keystrokes, it will be there!

The cost of the EBridge service is 100% borne by Psych Admin Partners – you do not pay any extra for this service. We found that it helped our employees be faster & more productive, control costs, and was environmentally friendly. Why shouldn’t we pass that same benefit on to you?




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