Psych Admin Complete Medical Billing Services

We offer a complete medical claims billing package, to serve the billing needs of your entire practice. Or, if you prefer, choose from our additional individualized services.

Our Complete Billing Service Package includes:

  • Billing:   If you submit to us daily, we can and will submit claims daily! We submit claims no less frequently than once per week. Our service is not meant to be used for people wishing for monthly submissions. 98% of claims (excluding EAP and workers’ comp, with attachments) are filed electronically.

    Electronic remittance. We are fully capable of receiving ANSI 835 (electronic remittance) files. We post on a daily basis and notify you of pending deposits/checks, which can allow for "real time" cash flow analysis. Your EOBs are then stored in a secure portal that is available to you 24/7.

  • CREDIT CARDS: We will process the patients credit cards on the platform of your choice.


We send you the following reports on a weekly basis:


Patient statements sent with balances owed

On a monthly basis, you get:

Total income list

Revenue summary broken down by payer category
Authorization tracking (if needed)

Patient balances for all patients

On a yearly basis, you get:

Yearly income

Yearly charges statistics


There are many more reports available that we are happy to send you upon request at no extra charge. Some of those are:

  • Pending claims (the list of claims outstanding at insurance companies, along with date of service, date filed/re-filed, and total charge)
  • Days in accounts receivable by primary payer
  • Top reimbursements by CPT
  • ICD diagnosis usage
  • Delinquent accounts
  • Charges, payment, adjustment statistics on a rolling 12 month basis
  • Patient/visit counts
  • Transaction spreadsheet showing every charge, payment, or adjustment activity
  • and many more!

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  • Claims follow-up / investigation   No, we don’t just submit once and hope you get paid! That is what some billing services do. We look at aging reports every month and follow up on what’s outstanding. You don’t even have to keep track of what we need to follow up on…we take care of it all.

    Appeals. If necessary, we will help you formulate written appeals, and coordinate the process for you. We will identify the correct department to appeal to, and follow up on the appeals submission.

  • Patient statements   We generate and mail patient statements periodically and/or upon patient request if your patients need statements for legal, health savings, housing, or other circumstances. We can bill attorneys, churches, trust funds, or other guarantors of patient accounts, as needed. Patients are free to call to ask questions about their account or their insurance coverage. You receive either copies of all statements or else a summary report showing patient balances - your choice. We make it as easy as possible for you to minimize your patient accounts receivable. Statements are run weekly with the first cycle beginning as soon as there is a balance - no waiting until the first of the month for the statement to run! The next cycle will be 4 weeks later. So, at least some statements are going out each week - this helps to keep practice revenue consistent. 
    To see a sample of how our statements look, click here.

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Read about our additional, individual services if you don't want the complete package.


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